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Salt Free Dyes

Colorants for Printing Inks

Colorants for Printing Inks

We also hold expertise in successfully meeting the demands of Colorants for Printing Inks industry. In today’s date everyone uses inkjet inks in printers that are available in different hues and applications. Here, very few know that the most vital part of inkjet printer is ink used in cartridge and the quality of that ink. Further, the quality of the ink is also proportional to the quality of printing.

Inkjet Inks:
Inkjet inks are broken under following four types of categories:
Buying Tips:
Between Pigments & Dyes:
Remember choice made by you acts as a delicate balance between quality of color as well as factor of longevity. Dyes are way to go if the criteria as seen by you are good life and superior output color.

Refer Color Gamut Comparison Charts in Proper Perspective:
These are needs to refer to color gamut comparison charts. Customers are requested to please ask for direct comparison prints on exactly type of media they would be using.

Water based inkjet inks:
Water based inkjet inks available in the market is a common ink used for printing purposes. Finding application usage in paper, the water ink formulation mainly comprises carrier fluid which is able to keep liquids in liquid state, thus acting as sort of carrier for fluid. Further, these also do not contain any volatile organic compounds in them as well as are also having very low level of toxicity.

As a product, Water-based inkjet inks can be broadly classified into two general categories:
For clearly understanding role of dyes and pigments in Water based inkjet inks, first one requires to look at basic ingredients of water based inkjet inks.

Salt Free Dyes

Salt Free Dyes

The principle of innovation, practicality and delivering high-quality standards has seen the development of a quality range of Salt-Free Dyes.

These are processed using advanced technologies with large investment done for purchasing advanced products as well as testing instruments like automatic conductivity instrument, ion-chromatogram, membranes and others so as to ensure availability of quality end products. The offered range of salt-free dyes is extensively used to dyeing fabrics like:
Having extensive usage in textile industry, these are available in basic colors like:
These Salt-Free Dyes are produced using membrane technology and Reverse Osmosis. As salt and other impurities are removed during these processes, the end product achieved has:
These Salt-Free Dyes are mainly used for making liquid dyes. Further, the reduction in salt contents increases solubility that also makes the dye stable at the time of making liquid and can also be retained for a longer period of time. The high solubility also helps in improving the fastness properties a lot. As prominent names in the field of supplying of Salt-Free Dyes, these are made available in different shades as per the needs of the customers.

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