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Nylon Dyes

Nylon Dyes

Nylon Dyes
Nylon is a synthetic fiber that is also labeled as polyamide. It can be dyed with two different dye classes:
Both these dye types need application of heat for fixing dye to nylon. But some surface fabric treatments may prevent nylon from 'taking' dye. With nylon other than as a textile fiber being also used to make solid objects like Frisbee discs as well as lacrosse stick heads, this solid nylon can be dyed using same dye type as used in nylon fabric.

Acid Dyes:
These dyes are concentrated, powdered, hot water dyes producing most vibrant results possible on protein fibers like wool, silk, cashmere, feathers and most nylons. With nylon as a synthetic fiber, its unique chemistry allows it to be easily dyed.

All purpose dyes:
These multipurpose dyes contain two kinds of dye that are mixed together:
Its best to use pure acid dyes on nylon that allows you to can see clearly what color you will end up with.

Natural dyes:
With many natural dyes being acid dyes, these work well on nylon if heated in dye bath with acid like vinegar or citric acid. Here, Turmeric as a natural direct dye dyes nylon nice medium golden yellow.

Discharge dyeing:
Dyes in nylon should not be discharged with hypochlorite as the fiber itself will be severely damaged. A good choice for discharging nylon is chemical sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate.

Dyeing nylon like polyester:
Nylon can also be dyed with same disperse dye used for polyester. Acid dyes are more wash fast on nylon in comparison to disperse dyes.

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