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Naphthol Dyes

Naphthol Dyes

Naphthol Dyes

Naphthol dyes offered by us are insoluble Azo dyestuffs that are produced on fiber through the application of Naphthol to fiber and then combining it with the diazotized base at low temperatures. This helps in producing insoluble dye molecule within the fiber.

Classified as fast dyes, Naphthol dyes are slightly cheaper than Vat dyeing with the method of application complex and range of colors limited. Naphthols are:
Anilides of BON acid are soluble in dilute NaOH solution, forming corresponding naphtholate ion. These small molecules are of low to moderate substantivity for cotton and diffuse rapidly into fibers.

Naphtholate ions are always coplanar and have elongated molecular structures. With a behavior as colorless, low molecular weight direct dyes, its substantivity increases with an increase in molecular size of naphtholate ion. The addition of salt also promotes better exhaustion of bath with more being needed for Naphtols of lower substantivity.

These are available as free amine base or amine salts like hydrochloride with many of amines used being simply substituted aniline derivatives with no ionic substituent.

General Dyeing Procedure:
Application of naphthols consists of following steps:
Naphthols can be applied through several methods such as:
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