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Colorants For Security Printing

Colorants For Security Printing

Colorants For Security Printing

We are also leading names when it comes to offering Colorants for meeting the demands of Security Printing. Some of the dyes and pigments that are used in these security applications include:
Considerable research done over last decade on study of fluorescence has also bore fruits in form of bringing up new fluorescent dyes. Presently, these security dyes are increasingly applied in very sensitive area of security printing. Further, fluorescent dyes also provide ways to create as well as apply effectively controlled "signatures".

USP of These Dyes:
Some of the USP of these dyes include that these are customized and are printed as patches on different types of surfaces. Here, each of them has signature element which is able to identify patch as authentic. Further, as different dye formulas are able to successfully vary their fluorescence characteristics in different repeatable ways, a unique signature can be achieved. A popular example of dye used in security printing is Coumarin:

New dye range developed:
These days new range of luminescent dye is developed that is either excited by UV or IR and is applied in security printing applications. A few specific uses of luminescent pigments in security printing include:

Brand Protection and Security of Products:
In these applications that need product security, Luminescent pigments are effectively used in making tamper evident seals for pharmaceuticals as well as other products. Further, when it comes to brand protection, the use of luminescent pigments & fluorescent dyes is well recognized for creating:
Security Printing and prevention of counterfeiting:
Luminescent pigments are used for creating security marks as well as features that are not visible under normal light. These features cannot be duplicated even through use of ultra sophisticated photocopiers. Having easy verification using very simple Ultra violet light/luminescence sensor, some of the areas where this is extensively used include security printing of:
Property Identification and Prevention of loss:
These luminescent dyes are also used as invisible security marks which are not visible under normal eye. As these do not deface property and cannot be removed, these are ideal tool for genuine property identification.

Key Features of Fluorescent Dyes:
Some of the key highlighting features of fluorescent dyes include:
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