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Color Index - Introduction:

It is basically a compendium of dyes. Prepared in UK by the Society of Dyers and Colorists and in USA by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, it is made available both in book form as well as on CD as well. In reference book there are very specific systems for identifying individual dyes. His includes assigning a five digit number to each individual chemical which is used as dye. Consequently, individual dyes get identified in reference to their CI numbers only.

Color index also has system for assigning specific names (CI Names) for each of dyes so as to avoid confusion regarding chemicals. These names were given based upon dye's:

For example, CI name given for chromoxane cyanine R (CI 43820) is Mordant Blue 3. Thus, CI name provides specific way to identify a dye. Although CI names are used less often than CI numbers, CI names play a useful part in identifying a dye for particular staining method.

Following table illustrates use of Color Index for yellow Organic pigment:
C.I. Generic Name C.I. Number CAS Number Color
P.Y.17 21105 4541-49-1 Greenish Yellow
P.Y.74 11741 6358-31-2 Bright greenish yellow
P.Y.81 21127 22094-93-5 Lemon yellow shade

Features of Color Index:
Detailed record of products which can be found in market is put under Color Index reference. Here, for each product’s name, there is listing of:
The format is devised after taking into confidence coloration industry that include prominent:
Colorants get listed in Color Index strictly in accordance with system of:
Today, around 27,000 individual products are listed under total of 13,000 Color Index Generic Names. These are listed with chemical structures that are depicted in accordance with results obtained by modern researches on molecular conformation. Further, a popular format has been devised with a unique 'fingerprint' concept. Here, Part 1 of information gets freshly confirmed with suppliers and manufacturers and Part 2 of information is either confirmed freshly with suppliers & manufacturers or is depicted as "carried over from previous edition.

Application Areas of Color Index:
Highlights of the Color Index
Following three tables highlight major information that is related to Color Index:

Part 1 Dye Groupings:
Acid Mordant
Disperse Natural Dyes and pigments
Food Leather
Direct Vat
Reactive Ingrain Dyes
Azoic Diazo components Azoic Coupling components
Oxidation Bases Optical Brighteners
Intermediate Products Reducing agents and Developers
Each group of Dyes is subdivided into Green, Violet, Blue,
Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown and Black

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